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On A Lesser Serious Note

Here we are, back again! Yet this time the post will be filled with a random few slices of entertainment. Things I found and/or was found for me – which amused me to a certain extend. May they provide the same joy to you. I’m giving like there’s no tomorrow. First of all,

Barcelonian Twitterbird Conclusion

–NOTICE– Actual Barcelona Reportage with REAL photography coming later –END OF NOTICE– HERE it is, a collaboration of all the live imagery I sent out to the world using nothing more than my mobile-phone and a parrot. However the parrot flew away and I was left with nothing more than my mobile-phone and memories of […]

Time Flies Like Flies Time

DAYS have passed since you – the loyal and courageous reader of this new(s)paper – have received updates regarding the entire BARCELONA situation.  Although very true, it’s equally explainable. You see, being the hard working news-reporter I aspire to become, sometimes time seems to slip straight through my greasy fingers – much like an olive in […]

The Future, Today!

“TWITTER” I heard a random nobody shout at me as I walked down the street last night. The man was arrested by a fully able (and grand-mustached) police officer within minutes, then I had him shot. You see, the future ain’t all that great. Back in the day we sent letters to each other, sometimes […]