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End of the Road

F R I D A Y ,   M A Y   2 1 s t ,   2 0 1 0 Friday, last day of the week. I arrived early at the Lingster Drapper building, nobody was in – or so I thought. A few voices could be heard coming from inside the conference room. I made […]

The Same Road

F R I D A Y ,   M a y   1 4 t h ,   2 0 1 0 Noticed that everyone’s wearing different hats than they were yesterday. Duck asked where my hat was. I said I didn’t have one yet. Got really quiet in the office all of a sudden. I added that […]

A New Road

T H U R S D A Y , M a y 1 3 t h , 2 0 1 0 My first day at Lingster Drapper working with the Drapper Ads team. Pretty excited! Ads are my all-time favorite pastime, and I just know I’m due for big things here. Duck Drapper showed me […]