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The Story

 <luckz> Future: link
 <Future> lux I am quite fond of word jokes
 <Future> in fact you could say they are right up my street
 <Hazz> you could
 <Hazz> but it wouldn't be true
 <Future> how would you know?
 <Hazz> I've been down that road 
 <Future> ah, a journey through memory lane
 <Hazz> I'm worried that making puns is just too middle of the road
 <Future>  it's not a path you're likely to tred
 <Future> end of the road for you 
 <Hazz> Maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere?
 <Future> you could say, it comes to a dead end
 <Future> a one way street
 <I> Gaiz the timestamps got fixed for like two seconds.
 <Future> I don't care
 <I> It's like I saw a unicorn
 <Future> looks like you hit the nail right on the head
 <Future> (it's carpenters puns now, he started with "saw" )
 <Hazz> the road to hell is paved with good puns
 <Hazz> all your steak posts have varnished without a trace
 <Future> looks like gabe ate them
 <Hazz>  too fat to come up with a carpenter pun?
 <Future> oh right we were doing that
 <Future> let me get back into it
 <Hazz> no need to lie future, your acting is a bit wooden
 <Future> looks like you hit the nail right on the head
 <Future> I carved an exact copy
 <Hazz> Regardless, I still want to be close to you
 <Hazz> (do puns related to the band count?)
 <Future> you mean Now and Then?
 <Hazz> We've only just begun
 <Future> it's way passed monday monday (if you count monday twice you get eight days a week)
 <Future> (band puns)
 <Future> remember when those puns we were making were disallowed? (banned puns)
 <Future> I feel like a sardine (canned puns)
 <Future> or we cudda tuna into fish puns
 <Hazz> seems a bit of a fishy plan
 <Hazz> But I fell for it hook, line and sinker
 <Hazz> I was like trying to swim against the tide 
 <Future> I'm outta here
 <Future> whale meat again everyone
 <Hazz> future needs to stop fishing for laughs
 <Future> stop luring me into more puns
 <Future> it's reel fun though
 <Future> you're off the hook, hazz
 <Future> now do you sea?
 <Future> btw by sea I don't mean eric, I meant that large watery object
 <yami> do puns with people's usernames.
 <yami> hahahah
 <Hazz> Thanks Future, you're like a bridge over troubled water
 <Hazz> ya, me! (make a pun relating to my username)
 <Future> I believe the term "a hazz been" is appropriate here
 <Hazz> In the Future I'll keep that in mind
 <Future> yami yami yami, I've got apples in my tummy! (it's a popular childs song)
 <Hazz> future, you're as sweet as sugar!
 <Future> there are fish in the eric
 <Hazz> but I swear, you'll be the death of me
 <Future> I should store this chat on my EshDee card
 <Future> you're on a bit of a luckztreak aren't you
 <Future> just you wait until you see your mirror image
 <Future> hazz your puns are tiring, it's making me Jawn
 <Hazz> Future: Well it is quite late in the EVEning
 <Future> now that was just kreeppy
 <Hazz> Which isn't good, I still got some dustin to do
 <Future> we should make a LYSt of these
 <Hazz> I agree
 <RENEEgade> http: //picture.jpg
 <Future> that picture is very genERIC
 <vaati> has anyone seen that vaati of water
 <Hazz> hero to vero
 <Future> vaati: I don't think you were in on this, sugar
 <Vero> hm?
 <Hazz> vero: we are just BENding people's names to make witty jokes
 <Future> hey has anyone seen my bobby Emerald? I seem to have LoZSSt it
 <Hazz>  All of this emerald talk is making me randy
 <vaati> you better not lay a finger on my avalanchemike
 <Avalanchemike> yeah
 <Avalanchemike> NOT A FINGER
 <Future> :|
 <Future> they ruined it
 <Future> funs over
 <Hazz> yep
 <Hazz> forever
 <Hazz> puns over
 <yami> or in the future
 <Future> mike: read up - me and hazz were doing a large series of neverending puns
 <Avalanchemike> I noticed now
 <Future> until vaati screwed it up - as if he was the villain to our pun-game
 <yami> guys
 <yami> we should play
 <yami> scrabble
 <yami> or boggle
 <Future> or not
 <vaati> sorry guys i wont ruin anything in the future i promise
 <Hazz> yami: what a mindboggling idea
 <Hazz> you better scrabble before i put down a couple of mousetraps
 <Hazz> I have a monopoly on puns
 <Hazz> although there are some RISKs
 <Future> that's MAD (tm)
 <Future> you seem to be playing your cards rather well
 <Future> yami strikes an ace
 <Hazz> Future: get a clue(do) 
 * yami pulls a BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON
 <Future> does the dragon have..SNAKE EYES?
 <yami> no
 <Future> DONT NO ME
 <Future> I am your king
 <Future> you don't mean Jack to me
 <Hazz> don't be such a queen
 <Hazz> you joker
 <Future> you've gone Two far
 <Hazz> don't make me threepeat myself
 <Future> four what?
 <Hazz> you make me six
 <Future> you were meant to do five
 <Future> I already had the "you make me six"
 <Future> cheating lying scumbag
 <Future> then you had seven
 <Hazz> maybe you eight something off?
 <Future> and I would eight you alive!!
 <yami> i eight a pie
 <Hazz> Future: don't lose your tenper!
 <Future> I eight a Pi
 <Future> 3.14 times
 <Hazz> Future: we're going round in circles
 <Future> don't be such a square
 <Hazz> I walk the line
 <Future> that's so Cash
 <Hazz> all that glitters isn't gold
 <Future> this text is bold
 <Future> (it rhymes)
 <Future> (so it counts)
 <Hazz> with puns that bad you should just fold
 <Future> put that thought on hold
 <Hazz> I refuse to be told
 <Future> your puns have grown old with mold (double trouble)
 <Strongit> This shit is getting old...
 <Hazz> Stongit: don't be so cold
 <Future> do as you're told
 <Strongit> alright, alright...I fold...
 <Hazz> i lol'd
 <Hazz> you have to admire strongit, he was pretty bold
 <Hazz> damnit bold is old  i hope future doesn't give me a scald
 <Future> you make the hairs on my head stand up
 <Future> you could say I'm going bald
 <Hazz> that doesn't rhyme unless you drawled
 <Future> and for that you called?
 <Future> I should have stalled
 <EshDee> Well I'm appalled. : /
 <Hazz> this rhyme has been totally mauled
 <Future> our souls to the devil we sold
 <Future> but behold
 <Future> there's something I will unfold
 <Future> i n t e r m i s s i o n . . .
 <Future> I just stalled
 <luckz> re-using lol'd is not bold, akin to re-using bold, I'm not at all sold, your rhymes are old
 <EshDee> That was cold
 <Future> when I installed this so-called edwald
 <Future> hazz we're running out of words to rhyme
 <Future> I'm tired
 <Hazz> bowling balls are made to be bowled
 <Hazz> Future: I think we did pretty well overall
 <Future> lux followed our entire conversation
 <Future> his head must be explaulding
 <luckz> no I pasted it all onwards
 <luckz> to the poor V-ictim
 <Future> fantastic
 <Hazz> victim?
 <Future> his V-oman, so I recalled
 <Future> he locked her in a garage where he keeps his horses stable and stalled 
 <Hazz> Women are V-ermin
 <luckz> the garage is unwalled!
 <Future> with vents to be crawled
 <Future> no I'm just giving him ideas
 <Hazz> like shopping in ikeas
 <Hazz> ..or something
 <yami> who wants to take a ride on my disco stick
 <Hazz>  I'm worried about getting the short end of the stick
 <Future> sounds like yami wants to shift in reverse
 <Future> hazz, how come we're this good at puns?
 <Hazz> That nuclear explosion infused us with this gift
 <Future> well we had a BLAST
 <Future> I'm an unstoppable force
 <Future> that nuclear explosion surely brightened my day
 <Hazz> I'm blown away 


Rudi: Organized religion however, is just wrong. Just make religion like anything else (subjective, personal, etc).
Jaap:  Like shoes?
Rudi: Organized shoes are the worst
Jaap: Those that are TIED TOGETHER?
Rudi: I don’t believe in sole   . . .  *golf clap*
Jaap: Imagine I’m making a joke using the words “heel” and “foot”

so a heel and a foot walk into a bar
the barman says : why the long face?

Rudi: Why the long lace?
Jaap: I don’t know many english terms when it comes to shoes – that’s my ISSHOE here


Jaap: I am going to translate some dutch sayings into English
There you say me what!
you talk me the ears off my head!
Dang, it’s raining pipesticks!
one’s death the other his bread
the morning has gold in its mouth
geez, from who I have you there
who doesn’t appreciate the little, isn’t worth the large

Rudi:  you took me on the peach
(norwegian expression)