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Address Unknown Part 6

The mind-bending finale in our Return to Sender-Marathon. The last episode of Address Unknown… ever. John: The poet Pool, in his poem “Somebody’s been wearing my face again” wrote “In this hall of mirrors/Built by liars, I am a pale reflection of myself.” I had escaped from the Pink Bird Mental Institute. I was lost […]

Address Unknown Part 5

Address Unknown continues. [John breathing heavily] Doctor: You have a tumour in your brain. It’s making you mad. We’re forced to operate… [Whir of drill] aggressively. John: The fake doctors were trying to confuse me, saying I was John Mirra, pumping me full of drugs. [He steals the drill from the doctor] Doctor 1: No, […]

Address Unknown Part 4

John: Mirra’s men had caught me. Their black van took me out of the city. The countryside was sickeningly pretty: The sun setting on a sweet summer day, rain sparkling on grass, birds in the trees, children playing. The Pink Bird Mental Institute. [Panicked breathing] Mirra’s men pretended to be hospital wardens. Patient: The flesh. […]

Address Unknown Part 2

Welcome back to our Return To Sender-Marathon, two days and two nights of the 90’s cult series, “Address Unknown”, all the episodes in a row, a real descent into madness. John: [Breathing heavily] I was lost in the streets of Noir York. The city had swallowed Mirra and my girlfriend. I was part of some […]

Address Unknown Part 1

John: I was trapped in a nightmare. My evil double had taken my girlfriend. Following him, I had somehow slipped into a twisted alternate reality, Noir York City. My double was John Mirra. He was the devil incarnate, a fallen angel. Flamingo: “.thE flesH oF falleN angelS” John: He was a serial killer. He had […]