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A Blogpost Blogpost

Hello ladies, by now you may wonder why I’m not keeping you up to date about my misadventures through this very blogg. Well ladies, let me tell you the following – plus some more after it, which will create the blogg entry you so desperately desire. I know what you’re thinking. No, the other thing. […]

End of the Road

F R I D A Y ,   M A Y   2 1 s t ,   2 0 1 0 Friday, last day of the week. I arrived early at the Lingster Drapper building, nobody was in – or so I thought. A few voices could be heard coming from inside the conference room. I made […]

That Olde Road

M O N D A Y ,   M A Y   1 7 t h ,   2 0 1 0 All work suspended so the advertisement team could spend the morning designing their hats. Gill Gazpacho won Best in Show for his calfskin sombrero. (I thought it looked ridiculous.) After lunch it was back to work, […]

The Same Road

F R I D A Y ,   M a y   1 4 t h ,   2 0 1 0 Noticed that everyone’s wearing different hats than they were yesterday. Duck asked where my hat was. I said I didn’t have one yet. Got really quiet in the office all of a sudden. I added that […]

A New Road

T H U R S D A Y , M a y 1 3 t h , 2 0 1 0 My first day at Lingster Drapper working with the Drapper Ads team. Pretty excited! Ads are my all-time favorite pastime, and I just know I’m due for big things here. Duck Drapper showed me […]