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Jack The Striped Zonkey

“Jack? Say goodnight to your friends, it’s time for bed!”  he heard his mother call out from across the field. His friends, three donkeys and a horse, looked at his mother and then at him. “If your mother is a donkey, how come you have stripes?” “Yeah, why do you have stripes? We don’t..” “Are […]

Back Home

Like the indians said to eachother in smoke signals; big cloud, small cloud small cloud, line of smoke, large cloud, stop I’m back, but it doesn’t feel like home. Enough talking out of me, before I bore you to death here are some holiday snapshots. Oh and a video, with more holiday snapshots run together […]

A New Road

T H U R S D A Y , M a y 1 3 t h , 2 0 1 0 My first day at Lingster Drapper working with the Drapper Ads team. Pretty excited! Ads are my all-time favorite pastime, and I just know I’m due for big things here. Duck Drapper showed me […]