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Back Home

Like the indians said to eachother in smoke signals; big cloud, small cloud small cloud, line of smoke, large cloud, stop I’m back, but it doesn’t feel like home. Enough talking out of me, before I bore you to death here are some holiday snapshots. Oh and a video, with more holiday snapshots run together […]

Shooting Birds With Cameras.

R E P O R T  O N  B A R C E L O N A – Barcelona rocked. – E N D  OF  R E P O R T HOT Dang, that sure took a while. The people working for me are in fact monkeys, literally. Took me a full day or two […]

Time Flies Like Flies Time

DAYS have passed since you – the loyal and courageous reader of this new(s)paper – have received updates regarding the entire BARCELONA situation.  Although very true, it’s equally explainable. You see, being the hard working news-reporter I aspire to become, sometimes time seems to slip straight through my greasy fingers – much like an olive in […]

New Utopia Found!

BUT First other equally quality-driven impressive news! A rather serious note related to barbers all around the world. Back in the day you used to go to a barber and command him to cut your hair. These days they want to talk to you, know your information – what the weather is like from whence […]