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A Blogpost Blogpost

Hello ladies, by now you may wonder why I’m not keeping you up to date about my misadventures through this very blogg. Well ladies, let me tell you the following – plus some more after it, which will create the blogg entry you so desperately desire. I know what you’re thinking. No, the other thing. […]

Address Unknown Part 4

John: Mirra’s men had caught me. Their black van took me out of the city. The countryside was sickeningly pretty: The sun setting on a sweet summer day, rain sparkling on grass, birds in the trees, children playing. The Pink Bird Mental Institute. [Panicked breathing] Mirra’s men pretended to be hospital wardens. Patient: The flesh. […]

Address Unknown Part 3

Address Unknown continues. John: Wherever I went, the pay phones started to ring. Finally, I collected enough courage to answer one. Girlfriend: John? You must run. He is coming for you. They are closing in. John, I love you. Don’t give up. [She hangs up] [John hangs up] John: I wasn’t going to give up […]

Address Unknown Part 1

John: I was trapped in a nightmare. My evil double had taken my girlfriend. Following him, I had somehow slipped into a twisted alternate reality, Noir York City. My double was John Mirra. He was the devil incarnate, a fallen angel. Flamingo: “.thE flesH oF falleN angelS” John: He was a serial killer. He had […]