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A Blogpost Blogpost

Hello ladies, by now you may wonder why I’m not keeping you up to date about my misadventures through this very blogg. Well ladies, let me tell you the following – plus some more after it, which will create the blogg entry you so desperately desire. I know what you’re thinking. No, the other thing. I’ll give you an explanation why I didn’t blog earlier right away, after this ad-message.


I have no free time for there is always a whale begging to be rode upon. A coffee to be drunk and a mobile phone waiting to be modified into a machine gun slash butter knife.  For example, just last week I lost my limbs as they were all bitten off by killer sharks that I was boxing. In fact -This whole arm isn’t real – it’s actually a fake – built entirely out of muscle cavity of a tiger who successfully ruled over a distant jungle in bangladore. True story.

I’ll autobiograph myself further in blog-posts to come. Let’s take a look at the title of this blog “A Blogpost Blogpost” – Still knowing what you’re thinking I’ll have another go at explaining. There used to be lesser times where I didn’t fight for earths survival and still had time to blog, some of those blogs excelled beyond average blogging standards. Here’s a link round-up for those. Be careful reading them, I suggest taking 15 minute pauses to rest your retinas from overexposure to pure ecstasy in letter-forming-words form.

The Consul Series

Part 1 – Future Revolution Collaboration

Part 2 – Delivering The Future

Part 3 – The Ignorance of Evolution

Part 4 – A Need of Redemption

Part 5 – Consequence of Intolerance

Part 6 – Unfortunate Iconoclasm

Part 7 – Finality

Address Unknown Series

Address Unknown Part 1

Address Unknown Part 2

Address Unknown Part 3

Address Unknown Part 4

Address Unknown Part 5

Address Unknown Part 6

Lingster Drapper Series

A New Road

The Same Road

That Olde Road

End of the Road

I wrote a blogpost. This blogpost is now DIAMONDS.
Signed sincerely, the urban spaceman.

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