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On A Lesser Serious Note

Here we are, back again! Yet this time the post will be filled with a random few slices of entertainment. Things I found and/or was found for me – which amused me to a certain extend. May they provide the same joy to you. I’m giving like there’s no tomorrow.

First of all,


google-pacmanYou see the last two days, Google’s logo turned into a minigame. Pacman, we all know it – but this time with the google logo embedded within the core. As the screenshot I took shows you could even play with a friend. Ms Pacman came to the party. This is by far the best alternative logo used by Google that I’ve seen in the recent years. They were celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pacman, quite an accomplishment!! Sad to say the logo is gone – and the game won’t be play-able again (most likely).

Unless somebody was to recreate it using the sprites..   pacman10-hp-sprite

(Click to enlarge)

Source: Rudi Peefy

Then, we move onto the next few topics – a couple a quick time wasters of interest.



An entertaining little website where a pink block follows your cursor about – be sure not to leave it alone..


Nike – Write The Future (2010 WC commercial)


Not only a great watch for football fans, but pay attention for cameos by icons such as Roger Federer and Homer Simpson.



That’s right – I am in the world-wide trending topics. Felt it was worth a mention. I’ll sign your autograph on my piece of paper any day.


Le Petit Journal

And then the last thing for tonight, here’s something I came across (source: Rudi Peefy) some days ago. There’s actually no need explaining it, just look at these great works of art.


Many more of those can be found here:

Bang !!

And on that note I’m closing the doors on this post. Have a good night/day.


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