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Address Unknown Part 4

John: Mirra's men had caught me. Their black van took me out of the city. 
The countryside was sickeningly pretty: The sun setting on a sweet summer 
day, rain sparkling on grass, birds in the trees, children playing. The 
Pink Bird Mental Institute. [Panicked breathing] Mirra's men pretended to 
be hospital wardens.

Patient: The flesh. The flesh. I think I died. I think I'm dead. I don't 
know. I don't know. Death is coming. It's coming. They're here. They're here. 
Get away. Get away. I'm gonna hurt you. I'm gonna hurt you.

John: They said I was an escaped mental patient.

Doctor: Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenic. You are insane, psychotic. You 
have to eat plenty of pills to get better.

John: They lied that I had killed my girlfriend. John Mirra came to mock 
me in the bathroom mirror.

John Mirra: [Evil laugh]

John: The flamingo was with him.

Flamingo: .mirrorS arE morE fuN thaN televisioN

John: Mirra claimed my girlfriend had turned evil, joined him.

Flamingo: .shE haS dieD . . . heR haiR reD

[Frustrated scream]

John: I smashed the mirror. I'd kill them all.

 Stay tuned as 'Address Unknown' continues.

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