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Shooting Birds With Cameras.

R E P O R T  O N  B A R C E L O N A
– Barcelona rocked. –
E N D  OF  R E P O R T

HOT Dang, that sure took a while. The people working for me are in fact monkeys, literally. Took me a full day or two to train them into selecting the best photographs from the gigantic lot I took during my Barcelonian time. After another three days they came to me with a full report on their choosings – it was rubbish. If you wan’t a job done well, you better do it yourself. The monkeys are now in very small cages forced to play chess versus one another.

Since then I spent a quick three minutes throwing together around 200 (out of an estimated million-billion) photo’s for you lot to admire. A few warnings before you look at the Imagery – tape your jawbone shut, this is highly important (I’ve seen accidents you don’t even want me to describe). Secondly, you may start to love me beyond any normal measures – you should contact my agent (S. Agent) (Simon) and we’ll be in touch.


In fact he was a space alien from Gaudínian, a planet where governments don’t control your mind. The works this creature built are far beyond any human capabilities, so try not to feel inferior to the photographs of his work.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at some slide-shows I prepared for you lot.

Spain, Random – (photos: 57)

Barcelona, Gaudí – (photos: 107)

Aerial / Traffic – (photos: 26)

If you haven’t died by the struck of awe – in which case you receive my compliments – you’ll surely be craving for more. Luckily for you there’s always more of me to go around, you might want to check out the following few links. (My website’s photo section) (Uploaded collection of a few photos)

By now you must have died in a state of utter amazement, therefor this is the end (for now).

J. Wantonio Paudí B.

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