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On a Serious Note

Good day, here a blog post without any fictionary stories.First of all, on the 9th of June all the citizens of the Netherlands will be able to vote for political parties to reign their parliament. In fact, I received my voting-pass in the mail a few days ago.

Voting Card

A Cross-Word Puzzle

This seemingly worthless piece of paper allows me to rule the country. Nope, it doesn’t – that’s a lie. It’ll allow me to choose who rules it for me. Nope that’s another lie. In fact, I was right the first time – it’s a seemingly worthless piece of paper which allows me to do absolutely nothing of importance. Whatever choice you make has no actual influence on the way the country is led. The current state of democracy is incredibly flawed, and if it weren’t for the PARTY OF PIRATES I’d have given up hope already.

A Pirate

Political Leader Black Beard

That’s right, Party of Pirates. Yes, that means the Netherlands could soon be hijacked by pirates. Filthy drunk pirates. I can’t wait !! The old political regime shall be keelhauled til death, and the rest of our citizens will plunder for booty. Finally some excitement regarding politics – who would have thought.

Arrrrrr!! Scabrous dogs and rusty women!!

That aside, there’s more non-fictionary-story news in this blog post. Aye, there are the small tweaks to my blog to be mentioned. For example the Grabbel Ton on the side of the main page. It’s a tag cloud – but what else is new?

Good question, not much is the answer.

Tag Cloud

Looks fantastic

Oh and I got a free bag last week, it’s pretty handy and it came for free.

Well, that’ll be all for now. Yes I suppose I was a tad hasty using the words “without any fictionary”, but that was to be expected. Tune in later for a Part 2 of “On a Serious Note” – which will in fact be “On a Lesser Serious Note” filled with tons of lesser serious topics.

Have a blast from the past!

~J.W.P.B. A.B.C.D.E.F

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